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Lord of the Flies :: essays papers

Lord of the Flies In William Golding's Lord of the Flies the one good soul was found in Piggy. He wasn't violent and he was one of the only boys who tried to keep all of the other children civil by mimicking adults. Although Piggy had physical limitations that some say "prevented" Piggy from joining the other boys in savagery; he never possessed and evil spirit like Jack, Roger, and Ralph. "Shove a palm trunk under that and if an enemy came - look!" Jack noticed these things such as places to build forts, and weapons that can be made. While Piggy's main interests were in building shelters to be protected, and a sundial to know what time it was. There are may other things that Piggy did to attempt to bring order to the island just like a grown-up. When Jack was busy hunting pigs and dancing about in the blood that engulfed him, Piggy just wanted people to listen to him. He yearned for someone to listen to his ideas without asking questions: when he suggested moving the fire to the beach, he just wanted a ship passing by to see them. Piggy mimicked adults, he did not run about in a savage nature, he was good. Being the only boy that wasn't violent shows how diverse Piggy was from the other boys on the island. "I got the conch I tell you" Piggy screamed in attempt to gain the boys' lost attention, "I tell you I got the conch." Good finally prevailed and Piggy gained the boys' attention. Never once did Piggy resort to violence, even when his glasses were stolen, he proved he was above violence. Unlike Jack, Piggy never killed. Piggy never hunted or killed a pig, let alone hurt another human being, he used his mind not his size to get attention. Being the biggest boy on the island, he had the upper hand in any fight that would have gone his way. Piggy talked out his conflict; in his opinion violence was not an option. "I just take the conch to say this. I can't see no more and I got to get my glasses back. Awful things have been done on this island. I voted for you (Ralph) for chief. He is the only one who ever got things done.

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Report of findings to the Community Health Department Essay

It has been brought to my attention that there may be an illness spreading throughout the middle schools due to a recent rise in student absences. In researching the recent absences, I’ve noticed that in 2 of the 4 middle schools, Truman and Jackson, there was an unusual spike in the absences of band students on May 20 and 21. I reviewed the school calendars and noticed that Truman and Jackson Middle School had a Battle of the Bands event scheduled on May 19. Interviews were conducted with some of the absentees’ parents, it has come to my attention that some of the band members likely went out to dinner after the event. I looked into recent health inspections of local restaurants available from the Health Department and there are several health violations at restaurants in close proximity to the schools. The school nurse also provided information that food poisoning symptoms can start within a day or two of eating contaminated food, which, based on interviews conducted, is when these students began seeing symptoms. After reviewing the available data from the health department and schools, I offer that the absences are most likely related to food poisoning and not a contagious illness such as the flu or other epidemic. There would be no need to alert students, parents or the community about an outbreak. Thank you, Joanna Aeschbacker Community Health Department Investigator ? After conducting my investigation, I would have to ask a few other questions to support my hypothesis of food poisoning being the most likely cause of the absences: When were the restaurants inspections conducted? If the inspections were done recently, then this helps support my hypothesis. If the inspections were conducted weeks prior to the event or after the event, the data provided from them I think would not be useful in supporting my hypothesis. Interviews were provided for some of the students, but I would like to interview as many as possible to ask: What symptoms did each absent student experience? I would want to know when the symptoms began to appear. If they all have similar symptoms and symptoms appeared around similar times, this supports my hypothesis. Did each absent student go out to dinner after the Battle of the Bands? If each student went out to dinner then this supports my hypothesis. Where did each student go to dinner? If the students did go out to dinner and went to a restaurant with health code violations, then this supports my hypothesis. Assuming each student did go to dinner at a restaurant with health code violations, what did each student eat for dinner at the restaurant? If many, or all of the students ate the same thing, then this would help support my hypothesis. ? Is the following statement a suitable hypothesis: â€Å"The Brentwood Indians basketball team lost the state championship because there is bad stuff in the stars happening with Mars in Aquarius†? Explain why or why not. I don’t believe this statement to be a suitable hypothesis. Astrology to me is more of a personal belief rather than scientific fact. Sure, there are coincidences that happen. Mars in Aquarius could mean disaster! But to base a basketball team’s performance on where the stars and planets are aligned is preposterous. There is no scientific data to back up this hypothesis; therefore it is not a suitable.

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Superheroes And Philosophy Truth, Justice, And The...

Superheroes and Philosophy Superheroes are very prevalent in today’s culture. Superheroes began as characters in comic books. Now, superheroes have expanded into different mediums, such as movies, television shows, apparel, games, toys and many others. The majority of people in today’s society are familiar with superheroes such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the X-men along with others. What most people do not know is that superhero comics and movies also concern philosophical issues. Some of the issues are ethics, justice, social and personal responsibility along with others. Tom Morris and Matt Morris edited the book, Superheroes and Philosophy: Truth, Justice, and the Socratic Way, which showed how superhero comics and movies are related to the writings of many great philosophers. Each chapter connects superheroes to certain philosophical issues. One chapter considers the superheroes’ motivation for their actions for helping others in need. Superheroes need to make sacrifices in order to help others. In addition, some superheroes may work as vigilantes but may also help out the police. Another chapter declares that power and glory can lead to great harm. It is also mentions that god or religion is rarely included in any comics. The relationships of superheroes, such as friendships and family relationships are also analyzed. The questions of why superheroes are good and moral and why they should be good are also considered within the book. The book also reflectsShow MoreRelatedEssay on Man of Steel: The Dichotomy of Superman’s Character1324 Words   |  6 Pageshis native world of Krypton on Earth, or letting Earth remain the way it is while defending it against General Zod (MOS). The most honorable decision within the film is made when Superman does choose to defend Earth, as he chooses to neglect his native roots of his own people. We have his contrasting identity of him being Kal-Ale whom was born on Krypton, to a person who was raised on earth as an everyday man who grew up in the ways of mankind. His morality leads him to defend humans despite him missing

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Rise of Islam - 2102 Words

CHAPTER 9 The Sasanid Empire and the Rise of Islam, 200–1200 I. The Sasanid Empire, 224–651 A. Politics and Society 1. The Sasanid kingdom was established in 224 and controlled the areas of Iran and Mesopotamia. The Sasanids confronted Arab pastoralists on their Euphrates border and the Byzantine Empire on the west. Relations with the Byzantines alternated between war and peaceful trading relationships. In times of peace, the Byzantine cities of Syria and the Arab nomads who guided caravans between the Sasanid and Byzantine Empires all flourished on trade. Arabs also benefited from the invention of the camel saddle, which allowed them to take control of the caravan trade. 2. The Iranian hinterland was ruled by†¦show more content†¦Muhammad’s father-in-law Abu Bakr took over leadership of the umma as the successor (caliph) of Muhammad. Abu Bakr faced two main tasks: standardization of the Islamic religion and consolidation of the Islamic state. Abu Bakr successfully re-established Muslim authority over the Arabs and overs aw the compilation and organization of the Quran in book form. 4. Disagreements over the question of succession to the caliphate emerged following the assassination of the third caliph, Uthman. A civil war was fought between those who supported keeping the caliphate in Uthman’s clan (the Ummaya) and those who supported the claim of Muhammad’s first cousin and son-in-law Ali. The Umayya forces won and established the Umayyad Caliphate in 661. 5. These disagreements led to the development of three rival sects in the Muslim community. The Shi’ites supported Ali’s claim to the caliphate and believed that the position of caliph rightly belonged to the descendants of Ali. Those known as the Sunnis believed that the first three caliphs had been correctly chosen and supported the Umayyad Caliphate. The most militant followers of Ali formed the Kharijite (rebel) sects. Most of the 800 million Muslims of today are either Sunnis or Shi’ites. III. The Rise and Fall of the Caliphate, 632–1258 A. The Islamic Conquests, 634–711 1. The Islamic conquests of areas outside Arabia began in the seventh century. In the first wave of conquest, the Arabs took Syria,Show MoreRelatedIslam : The Rise Of Islam1335 Words   |  6 PagesSimilar to the religion of Christianity, Islam is difficult to generalize. When one brings up the word in conversation, they could be speaking of the religion and its systematic belief system or they could simply be talking about the approximately one and a half billion people who have flourished and who currently live under the influence of said religion. Extending from Indonesia to Morocco and from Kazakhstan to Senegal, the ideals and mission of Islam were created in the seventh century underRead MoreRise Of Islam Essay519 Words   |  3 PagesIslamic rule spread over major areas of Africa, the Middle East, South, Southeast and Central Asia, Spain, and Southern Italy. Many Christians saw Islam as a religion of the sword. They have been very violent throughout their history. Arabian armies engaged in attacking the remnants of the Byzantine Empire. The First Crusade was launched in order to stop the Arabian invaders. The Islamic worldview was greatly influenced by the Christian and Jewish worldviews. In the Qur’an it states that thereRead MoreThe Rise and Spread of Islam1129 Words   |  5 PagesThe Rise and Spread of Islam The world you once knew is falling to ashes and food is become such a scarcity that people are fighting over a few pieces of bread. The political class is too busy fighting among themselves to care for anyone else. Children are roaming the streets and begging for work to feed their dying, hungry stomachs. This is not a scene from a horror movie, but rather the reality of the beginning of post classical era. In these times of hardship the people turned to a higher powerRead MoreThe Rise of Christianity vs. the Rise of Islam740 Words   |  3 PagesThe Rise of Christianity vs. the Rise of Islam The rise of Christianity and Islam happened during a turbulent time in history, when major civilizations like the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire were in decline due to political infighting, disease, and outside barbarians constantly applying pressure. Christianity was adopted in the heart of the Roman Empire, as a way to continue the influence of Rome, while not being able to control all of Europe militarily. (Rise of Christianity, 2012) ThereforeRead MoreRise and expansion of islam1336 Words   |  6 PagesThe rise and expansion of Islam has had a significant impact on the role and rights of women throughout history. Since its origin in the seventh century until modern times, the Muslim faith has somewhat broadened, but has mostly restricted women’s rights in numerous Islamic communities. The history of Muslim women is complex, as it involves many advances and declines in numerous locations, such as Egypt, Afghanistan, and Iran, concerning several subjects, including b oth civil and social rights. ThusRead MoreThe Intellectual Rise of Islam959 Words   |  4 PagesThe Intellectual Rise of Islam The Islamic Golden age provided the Abbasid Caliphate with an immense amount of political power and influence. The empire controlled lands from West Africa to parts of current day Iran and the new capital, Baghdad, quickly developed to into a large and advanced city . With control over previous Greek, Egyptian, and Persian lands, the locality of the empire set base for the academic, philosophical and medicinal advancement that define the Islamic Golden Age. SeveralRead MoreRise and Spread of Islam1890 Words   |  8 PagesThe religion of Islam has risen up and spread throughout the world to become one of the world’s three largest religions. Islam originated in the desert of present day Saudi Arabia amongst the Arabs. The Arabs were a Semitic-speaking people. They were also a polytheistic society that worshipped an enormous number of gods and goddesses. There was almost one for every day of the year. The entire way of life that the Arabs knew was about to change with the birth of the prophet Muhammad. This manRead MoreThe Rise Of Islam By Matthew Gordon954 Words   |  4 PagesGordon’s book, â€Å"The Rise of Islam†. Throughout the course of history, many religions have had a profound effect on western civilization. During the early 5th century a religion arose that had an extremely important impact on western civilization. The Arabic prophet Muhammad founded the religion known today as Islam. Violence, diplomacy, Arabic tradition, and public law played a vital role in the rise and conquest of Islam. These four key elements that fostered the rise of Islam helped establish oneRead MoreThe Rise And Further Development Of Islam741 Words   |  3 PagesWith the rise and further development of Islam, the Middle East emerged as a key world region. The religion not only dominated the Middle East but was also spread to the West, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa as it gained followers and influence. Why was the spread of Islam so quick , extensive, and influential? What was it about Islam that appealed to so many individuals and converted such a large geographical part of the world? This can further explained by the process of globalization andRead MoreUnderstanding The Rise And Birth Of Christianity And Islam Essay1317 Words   |  6 Pagesworld practice different religious values. One person’s religious value will not match the religious values of another person. Today’s socialization and globalization have affected the way one views the world’s different religions. Christianity and Islam are two of the most popular religions today. Christians and Muslims belong to the family of those who believe in the one God. Both religious foundations can trace their ancestry back to Abraham. However, both are have varying beliefs, practices

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Piaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development Essay - 1293 Words

When talking about human development, we are referring to the growth of humans in all aspects throughout their life. In this essay, I will be discussing two types of human development. Cognitive development, which is to do with the ability to think, remember and reason, and Social development, which involves relationships and interactions in the world around the individual. I will focus on how they relate to two significant experiences in my life and how these experiences were critical to my development as a learner. I will do this by analysing these experiences through Piaget’s theory of cognitive development including key concepts of equilibration, adaptation and former-operation cognitive stage, and Bronfenbrenner’s bioecological systems theory including key concepts of the microsystem, mesosystem, and macrosystem. Piaget’s theory of cognitive development is the theory I will be using to analyse my first significant experience. According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, during childhood and adolescence, a child constructs an understanding of their environment by organising information into schemas, a schema is basically a group of ideas about an object or an experience. If the individual comes across an inconsistency, or an object or an experience that is unfamiliar, their cognitive balance is upset and they begin to seek cognitive balance, this process of seeking balance is called equilibration. They achieve this equilibration through Adaptation, by eitherShow MoreRelatedPiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1289 Words   |  6 Pagesare many great cognitive theorists, but the one that comes to mind is a development psychologist by the name of Jean Piaget. One of his prized declaration was in 1934, where he declared that education is capable of saving our society f rom collapsing whether its violent or gradual. Piaget had a key effect on education and psychology, and because of that effect he made many contributions to learning and to cognition. One of most important contribution was a model that was made by Piaget. This modelRead MorePiaget s Cognitive Development Theory1077 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to Piaget (1957), cognitive development was a continuous restructuring of mental processes due to varied situations and experiencing the world and maturing biologically. His view of cognitive development would have us look inside a child’s head and glimpse the inborn process of change that thinking goes through. â€Å"He was mainly interested in the biological influences on â€Å"how we come to know’† (Huitt and Hummel, 2003). Piaget’s views helps us to have appropriate expectations about children’sRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1813 Words   |  8 Pages ECH-130 Sociocultural Tables LLlllll Cognitive Development Definition Examples of Application of Concept Strategies to Support and/or Assess Learning Birth to Age 5/Pre-K Piaget Sensorimotor stage: :the first stage Piaget uses to define cognitive development. During this period, infants are busy discovering relationships between their bodies and the environment. Researchers have discovered that infants have relatively well developed sensory abilities An infant who recently learned how to rollRead MorePiaget s Cognitive Theory And Cognitive Development1494 Words   |  6 Pages 1) Examine how Piaget’s cognitive theory can help to explain the child’s behavior. Piaget confirms â€Å"Each cognitive stage represents a fundamentally new psychological reorganization resulting from maturation of new functions and abilities† (as in Greene, 2009, p.144). The case Vignette describes Victors’ stages of development through Piaget’s stages of cognitive development as exhibited behavior that occurred during the sensorimotor, preoperational, as established areas. Victor experienced a normalRead MorePiaget s Theory On Cognitive Development1449 Words   |  6 Pagesstrengths and weaknesses of Piaget’s theory on cognitive development. It will focus on Piaget’s work highlighting positive attributes and how they’re being applied in modern day and also delve on key limitations of the theory. Piaget was a Swiss psychologist who was interested on why children would give similar but wrong answers in an intelligence test (Vidal, 1994). Based on his observations, he concluded that children undergo sequential cognitive d evelopment patterns which occur in defined stagesRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development969 Words   |  4 Pages20th century, the development of psychology is constantly expanding. Erikson and Piaget are two of the ealier well known theorist, both being significant in the field. Their belief s are outlined in Piaget s Cognitive Development Theory and Erikson s Psychosocial Development Theory. These theories, both similar and different, have a certain significance as the stages are outlined.Erikson and Piaget were similar in their careers and made huge progressions in child development and education. WithRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1519 Words   |  7 Pagesrelates to both Piaget and Vygotskian theories in the sense that they describe how the child s mind develops through different forms of stimuli that occur during early childhood. Piaget s theory focuses mainly on things such as; how children think; how the world around them is perceived and how th e newly found information is explained through the language they use. Vygotsky s theory however differs as the effects of different forms of social interaction occur in cognitive development such as; internalisation;Read MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1111 Words   |  5 PagesPiaget’s theory of cognitive development Piaget’s theory of cognitive development was based around his belief that children will develop their intelligence through a series of stages: Sensorimotor (birth – 2yrs), Preoperational (2-7yrs), Concrete Operational (7-11yrs) and Formal Operational (11+). He believed these stages to be invariant, the same stages taking place in a fixed order, and universal, the same for every child regardless of their background or culture. (McLeod, 2015) Piaget believedRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development Essay1790 Words   |  8 PagesCognitive developmental theories provide a framework for understanding about how children act and perceive the world. However, every theory has both strengths and weaknesses. A certain theory may explain one aspect of cognitive development very well, but poorly address or completely ignore other aspects that are just as important. Two well known theories of cognitive development are Piaget’s stage theory and Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory. As I plan to be a pediatric nurse, these two theories willRead MorePiaget s Theory Of Cognitive Development1325 Words   |  6 PagesJean Piaget developed a systematic study of cognitive development. He conducted a theory that all children are born with a basic mental structure. He felt that their mental structure is genetically inherited and their learning evolved from subsequent learning and knowledge. Piaget’s theory is differ ent from other theories and he was the first to study a child’s learning by using a systematic study of cognitive development. His theory was only concerning the learning of children, their development

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Issues in International Business The Fast-Food Market

Question: Describe about the Issues in International Business for The Fast-Food Market. Answer: Challenges The fast-food market of Bangladesh is upcoming and growing along with the country. It would be extremely difficult for a foreign brand to enter the market, without any proper strategy or knowledge of the market. Moreover, local brands are already there to provide tough competition. KFC is already an established name in the fast-food industry, and has many advantages that can work as its strength while entering the market. However, some barriers and challenges would definitely come up for the brand while entering the Bangladesh market. Some of them are discussed below: Economic factor: Bangladesh is one of the developing markets on the planet. Bangladesh is expanding from a farming based economy to a mechanical assemblage based economy; however, the nation keeps up solid production, benefits and rural industry. Bangladesh is yet sustaining to being politically and financially steady and is interested in overseas venture contributions (Siddique, Selvanathan and Selvanathan 2012.). Socio-cultural factor: Society's states of mind have changed in the previous decade toward eating more beneficial nourishment choices, eating less broiled sustenance, and eating more decreased fat sustenance determinations (Marcucci 2014). The dominant part of KFC's menu things are singed nourishments. Today, KFC's clients for the most part pick the eatery they will eat at in light of value, speed and assortment of things. KFC's clients in Bangladesh are additionally truly value touchy and will go somewhere else on the off chance that they find that the esteem is not worth the cost. The clients can likewise be portrayed by being individuals that need to be served quickly and be out of the eatery in a matter of seconds. This is because of the expanding. In, Bangladesh KFC is adorning their outlets unconcerned national and social occasions. Competitor factor: Each association has a few contenders who give comparable products and administrations. KFC likewise have a few rivals in the sustenance advertise. In spite of the fact that KFC get to a novel place in the market in view of its mystery formula and brand name, it confronts an extreme rivalry by other nourishment brands. Those brands might not have an indistinguishable acknowledgment and taste from KFC, yet they pull in a decent number of clients in light of their low cost. The principle contenders of KFC are BFC, CFC, DFC, FFC, et cetera. Some different organizations like NFC and RFC are likewise required in this opposition. In the Metro Shopping Mall, there is likewise a KFC (King Fried Chicken). A few people consider it as genuine KFC. These fast food organizations furnish clients with comparable sorts of browned chicken for low cost. The chicken might be distinctive in taste yet they utilize a similar recipe to make their fries fresh as KFC does. Accordingly, they get to be effecti ve in drawing in clients. In addition, as these organizations give broiled chicken to low value, they get countless. In KFC, the least cost for fried chicken is more than a similar item at BFC. So white-collar class individuals of the nation inclines towards BFC from KFC. Moreover, an enormous number of understudies, who cherish fricasseed chicken, are not ready to spend a considerable measure of cash, as their pocket cash is constrained. They are customary clients of neighborhood nourishment marks as they can manage the cost of KFC visit sporadically (Tabassum and Rahman 2012). Entry Mode The process of new market penetrations is a risky business the risk of failure looming above the head always. In a firms expansion strategy, the best mode of entry in a foreign market would come as an importance choice to make, thus making it a major concern. Understanding KFCs internal business environment and Bangladeshs overall market environment the franchise mode of entry has been decided upon. The new outlet would be set up in Chittagong, as it is an unexplored market, and after Dhaka has the most number of people living. The franchise mode has been chosen as in that way Yum! Restaurants, the subsidiary owner of KFC, would be able to implement more control over the franchisees (Enz, Canina and Palacios-Marques 2013). They can also acquire a fixed amount and royalty as per the sales condition. The franchise outlets would follow Yums requirement and quality (Hoffman, Munemo and Watson 2016). Also franchising has low financial risk, with cost cutting in the assessment of market potential (Burton and Cross 2015). It would also assist in avoiding tariffs and limitations on foreign investments. Other modes of entry were not chosen as licensing would have the possibility of creating competitors in future, direct investment would increase the cost for KFC. As KFC is in itself a well-established brand name, there is no need for a joint venture, and as there is no need to manufacture the products in huge amounts the contract-manufacturing mode would also be of no use. References Burton, F. and Cross, A.R., 2015. A Reappraisal of Franchising Across National Boundaries in Foreign Market Entry Mode Analysis. InProceedings of the 1993 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference(pp. 638-642). Springer International Publishing. Enz, C.A., Canina, L. and Palacios-Marques, D., 2013. The relationship between new venture entry mode and firm performance.International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal,9(2), pp.129-145. Hoffman, R.C., Munemo, J. and Watson, S., 2016. International Franchise Expansion: The Role of Institutions and Transaction Costs.Journal of International Management,22(2), pp.101-114. Marcucci, P.N., 2014. Jobs, gender and small enterprises in Africa and Asia: Lessons drawn from Bangladesh, the Philippines, Tunisia and Zimbabwe. Siddique, A., Selvanathan, E.A. and Selvanathan, S., 2012. Remittances and economic growth: empirical evidence from Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.Journal of development studies,48(8), pp.1045-1062. Tabassum, A. and Rahman, T., 2012. Differences in consumer attitude towards selective fast food restaurants in Bangladesh: An implication of multiattribute attitude model.World Review of Business Research,2(3), pp.12-27.

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Critique of Judgment free essay sample

Critical analysis of work on subjectivity objectivity of aesthetic ethical judgments, compared to Kants other works, reason, dualism, form functiuon. The purpose of this research is to explore Immanuel Kants claim in Critique of Judgment that judgments of taste claim a subjective universality, meaning that when we call something beautiful we are reporting a subjective response, not an objective property, and are judging it as all persons should. The plan of the research will be to set forth the context in which the Critique of Judgment may be understood (with reference to the Critique of Pure Reason and the Critique of Practical Reason), and then to discuss how Critique of Judgment derives its assessment of the beautiful in a way that both complements and extends the range of meanings in the earlier works. Throughout, reference will be made to the role of rational processes and experience in mediating, explaining, or otherwise making connections that have the effect of illustrating the systematic cohesion,,