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Oedipus Rex And Bliss Is Ignorance Essays - Oedipus The King, Operas

Oedipus Rex And Bliss Is Ignorance One of the most critical and important Socratic statements applies well when in setting of Sophocles' Theban Trilogy. The unexamined life isn't worth living, declares Socrates. He could have implied numerous things by this explanation, and corresponding to the play, the significance is seen as significantly more complex. To be sure, the circumstance of Oedipus, ruler of Thebes, reality of this explanation is being referred to. Would Oedipus have been exceptional off in the event that he was incognizant in regards to the information on his birthing and the destiny which was prognosticated to some time or another happen to him? Really however, his life would have been an obviously better and simpler way had he never thought about his actual inceptions. His life in Corinth would have been long and prosperous, and Thebes would have lived on under King Laius. Truth be told, everybody would have been exceptional off over the long haul if Oedipus had not wandered out past the dividers of Corinth. So is it worth carrying on with an inspected life? Socrates had offered this expression long after the making of the Theban Trilogy. In the setting of his own time, this was intended to suggest that life must be inspected and reflected upon, known and found by every individual scholar to better improve life for all. However regarding Sophoclean show, explicitly Oedipus Rex, this was implied in an incomprehensibly unique manner. The unexamined life was one that was in obscurity, obscure with respect to what destiny lied past each turn and incongruity of living. Oedipus, up direct in which he heard the remark in the bar in Corinth, carried on with an unexamined life. To Socrates, he was an unfulfilled man, one who had the right to know increasingly, one who not complete. Be that as it may, in a substantially less supernatural sense, Oedipus' life was finished, in that he had such he required, and was carrying on with a cheerful and productive life. As the show advances, he discovers to an ever increasing extent, realizing precisely what the ramifications of his introduction to the world was, he languishes the destiny over inspecting his life. So what Socrates had implied, that the existence which was not rich with self investigation and reflection was most certainly not worth living, was in reality not the same as its application regarding Oedipus, who's life was unexamined, yet complete. The inquiry emerges, what might life have been similar to, if Oedipus had not found his actual causes? On the off chance that he had remained in Corinth, would this have ever occurred? We find that to be sure, we would have had no story, notwithstanding that solitary remark of a lush which started the fire of insubordination in the youthful sovereign Oedipus. He wandered out to Delphi, to pry information on his experience out of it, and to find if this was in fact the truth, notwithstanding the way that his embraced guardians of Corinth had guaranteed him of it wrongness. Oedipus leaves Corinth, satisfying the Socratic thought of the unexamined life. Notwithstanding, we should assess the inevitable results of his activities and the suggestions which they have. What happens to his portentous venture out of Corinth prompts the ruin of a whole city and family line. On the off chance that he had not killed King Laius, the Sphinx would have never slipped upon Thebes, he would have never satisfied the prescience, and all would have lived on in a relative harmony and serenity. Once inspecting these parts of the connection between the statement and Oedipus Rex, we can go to a last assessment of its suggestions. The inquiry which was tended to, that of the estimation of the analyzed life, can be replied. In reality, if Oedipus had not wandered past the defensive dividers of his received home, would anything, for example, what happened in the play ever have unfolded? On the off chance that Oedipus had not sought after that answers to the riddles that tormented him, notwithstanding the arguing admonitions of I?casta, truth be told his life would have been placated and cheerful. Rather, he follows the Socratic technique for investigation and disclosure, and continues down the way of agony what's more, troubled. Was, after it was finished, all justified, despite all the trouble? We find that no, it was not. Being content and fit with what he knew about himself would have spared Oedipus and his kids/kin much anguish. Be that as it may, in the common Greek catastrophe, we should oversee his transgress, which is without a doubt what occurs. In the joy of numbness, much agony and trouble is turned away. For what stresses does the oblivious man have? On account of Oedipus, obliviousness would have fit him fine.

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Chorley Fabrics Ltd Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chorley Fabrics Ltd - Essay Example The measure of units to create was procured by taking the estimations of the accessibility of assets (from another table) and the utilization of assets per item. This was isolated into the previous to get a remainder: the greatest utilization of assets. Both Stevenson (2005)1 and Middleton (2006)2 disclose how to utilize Excel in this design by means of the Solver device. After this, the measure of units delivered was increased by the benefit per unit to acquire the incentive for all out benefit. X1, X2, X8, X9 and X10 are the benefit bearers, and in this manner they ought to be put in on the timetable in request of benefit got, beginning from the most noteworthy: X2, X8, S9, X1 and X10. The others, as there is little benefit from them, ought to be moved to the base of the rundown. X4 can almost certainly be killed out and out. From this, utilizing the SUMPRODUCT equation, which includes the aggregates of results of comparing exhibits, it would then be able to be resolved the amount of every asset is utilized every week. For instance, X1 can have 15 units delivered, at an expense of 1.8 units in M/C 1. Unit 2 can have 28 units, at an expense of 1.2 in M/C 2, etc down the rundown. Every one of these qualities are indicated get the absolute utilization of assets. On the other hand, all qualities in the column relating to every item can be added to get the all out expense per unit. Asset Use Accessible M/C 1 369.75 400 M/C 2 206.75 250 M/C 3 280.00 280 M/C 4 212.82 270 M/C 5 324.00 340 Tangle 1 600.00 600 Tangle 2 780.00 780 Work 182.80 229 This table means the utilization all things considered, in view of the qualities picked up from the system portrayed previously. Passing by this, it tends to be seen that M/C 3 and both crude materials are utilized to ideal productivity. There is no overflow or shortage. M/C 2 and M/C 4, hwever, are missing; there is an a time of 44.3 hours left over for 2, and a time of 57.2 hours for 4. M/C 1, 3, and 5 are utilized productively; there is minimal accessible time left for them. 5. Minor Benefits Asset Last Worth Minor Advantages Imperative R.H. Side Reasonable Increment Reasonable Diminishing M/C 1 Usage 369.75 0.00 400 1E+30 30.24822533 M/C 2 Usage 206.84 0.00 250 1E+30 43.15699565 M/C 3 Usage 280.00 7.93 280 7.303252788 14.80479303 M/C 4 Usage 212.84 0.00 270 1E+30 57.15903366 M/C 5 Usage 322.01 0.00 340 1E+30 17.99473323 Tangle 1 Usage 600.00 13.98 600 65.70689655 61.87637795 Tangle 2

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19th Amendment to the Constitution

nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution * Women picked up the option to cast a ballot in 1920 in the nineteenth Amendment. Because of cultural standards of the past, numerous ladies decided not to cast a ballot. The League of Women Voters was framed that year to instruct ladies about policy driven issues and up-and-comers, just as energize cooperation in the political procedure. One of the authors was the leader of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Carrie Chapman Catt. Understand progressively: Roaring Twenties Political Events | eHow. com http://www. ehow. com/list_7794192_roaring-twenties-political-occasions. tml#ixzz1gYm7jWyN Sunday, William â€Å"Billy† 1862-1935 The Best-Known Evangelist in America. Billy Sunday entered the 1920s as the most popular evangelist in America. His extraordinary battle in New York City in 1917 matched with America's entrance into the Great War, and in his lessons Sunday figured out how to combine Christianity and American energ y to the pleasure of millions. His prosperity was much more prominent when he had the option to praise the passing of his long-lasting foe, â€Å"John Barleycorn,† with the appropriation of Prohibition. He even accomplished some riches, In 1920 Dun and Bradstreet evaluated his value at $1. million. Decay. Be that as it may, the 1920s were not charming for Sunday and his significant other. While he kept on pulling in huge crowds and drove thousands to hit the â€Å"sawdust trail† that prompted the raised areas of the sanctuaries he had set up for his restorations, these exceptional structures no longer went up in the biggest urban areas of the North, and he ended up working medium-sized groups. Financial Growth during the 1920s Despite the 1920-1921 gloom and the minor breaks in 1924 and 1927, the American economy showed noteworthy monetary development during the 1920s.Though a few reporters in later years believed that the presence of some moderate developing or declin ing divisions in the twenties proposed shortcomings that may have welcomed on the Great Depression, not many currently contend this. Monetary development never happens in all segments simultaneously and at a similar rate. Development reallocates assets from declining or more slow developing areas to the more quickly extending segments as per new innovations, new items and benefits, and changing buyer tastes. Financial development during the 1920s was impressive.Ownership of vehicles, new family unit apparatuses, and lodging was spread broadly through the populace. New items and procedures of creating those items drove this development. The mix of the enlarging utilization of power underway and the developing reception of the moving mechanical production system in assembling joined to welcome on a proceeding with ascend in the profitability of work and capital. In spite of the fact that the normal week's worth of work in most assembling remained basically consistent all through the 1 920s, in a couple of businesses, for example, railways and coal creation, it declined. Whaples 2001) New items and administrations made new markets, for example, the business sectors for radios, electric refrigerators, electric irons, fans, electric lighting, vacuum cleaners, and other laborsaving family unit apparatuses. This power was dispersed by the developing electric utilities. The loads of those organizations made the securities exchange blast of the late twenties. RCA, one of the excitement loads of the time, delivered no profits yet its worth acknowledged in light of desires for the new organization. Like the Internet blast of the late 1990s, the power blast of the 1920s took care of a fast development in the stock market.Fed by proceeding with efficiency propels and new items and benefits and encouraged by a domain of stable costs that empowered creation and hazard taking, the American economy left on a continued extension during the 1920s. Answer: Improve Positive impacts it made employments, it made riches, and it created better living Negative impacts day to day environments were terrible, laborers got genuinely harmed/killed, urban areas got swarmed, and a few nations attempted dominion Read more: http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_were_the_positive_and_negative_effects_of_industrialization_between_1890_and_1920#ixzz1gYpL2o4R

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The Idiots Guide to Topics for an Expository Essay

The Idiot's Guide to Topics for an Expository Essay What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Topics for an Expository Essay People today like to collect and display things which have sentimental value or distinctive appeal. Topics can even include recycling and various items that are recyclable. When you're assigned to compose an expository essay, the very first thing you should know is the way to write it. Quite simply, everything would be determined by verifiable fact an expository essay. Unlike in the majority of other kinds of essay, you don't will need to generate a point or prove your opinion on the subject-matter is accurate. Locate the trustworthy information for the essay topic you are likely to work on. A comparison essay will concentrate on similarities as a contrast paper will concentrate on the differences. The length may vary from essay to essay. Finally let's look at comparison essays. It is possible to always have a look at expository essay examples and have a better comprehension of how the entire writing process is about. What You Should Do to Find Out About Topics for an Expository Essay Before You're Left Behind Your essay is supposed to concentrate on why schools insist their students learn a foreign language and the way it can really help in an individual's overall improvement. In the end, a student can provide short suggestions on the best way to win the game. Explain why you especially delight in a specific teacher. Typically, your teacher will request that you compose an expository essay to prove that you've done your research on a subject. Actually, giving a sample in your essay may be a practical learning experience, and whenever your teacher grades you, you will know precisely where you went wrong which prospective employers aren't going to inform you about. Some ideas, naturally, can be borrowed, but due credit has to be given. The duration of the essay however varies dependent on the topic and a tutor's requirements. Writing is among the most effective modes of self-expression, and it is likewise a remarkably effective method to help your students sort out all their ideas and feelings. The Debate Over Topics for an Expository Essay Look closely at your language as it ought to be eerror-free Imagine your essay is a precious stone and create all its faces shine using an easily readable and authentic language. Quite simply, it's a guide on the best way to do something. From its name, you can guess you should have a very clear picture of a particular thing so as to offer your reader with a crystal clear and concis e explanation. By way of example, perhaps you've chosen to communicate about a renowned battle. It is possible to also bring the part of globalization into play over here. An introduction is easily the most significant part your bit of writing. To begin with, a quick explanation of the game needs to be written. You might have to present the advantages and disadvantages of such a move, then draw a conclusion accordingly. In summary, the primary focus is to explain the facts. Then the next step is going to be to find out more about the expository essay structure. From that point, it is easy to produce the argument that she'll shape future generations. Keep in mind that, regardless of the idea, it has to harken back to your thesis statement. From that point, you're prepared to draft your thesis and introduction. What a thesis cannot be is your private belief. The Topics for an Expository Essay Chronicles Starting off with a substantial occurrence, discovery, or study will supply you with more points in factual research also. Therefore, if you'd like to have nontrivial expository essay topic that demands thorough research, choose something which refers to a technological region of study. Choose the one that you liek to compose an ideal expository essay! A prosperous process essay is going to be detailed enough so a reader will have all the info necessary to finish the endeavor. Still, with other expository speech topics, deciding to demonstrate the details with respect to a spatial order may be your ideal choice. Now it's time for picking a significant area of your research. Yes, selecting a topic isn't uncomplicated. Thus, the topic you select plays a critical function.

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Political Views Of A Democratic Country - 950 Words

Political views refer to a body of ideas that points the beliefs of people of a nation, the political system of governance and all other aspects of the governance of a country. In a democratic country like America, people have a say or have personal political views on matters affecting them directly or indirectly and such idea may or may not influence the governing system already in place. Politics involves the activities that that focus on to controlling or directing the actions and policies of a government or acquisition and keeping power in a government with the aim of achieving already preset goals. This paper focuses on my personal political views and interests by critically analyzing what is already in place and what ought to be done that is not yet in place or rather the adjustments to be done. The American governing system is one of the best in the world especially with the system of checks and balances which ensure that no one body acts without the consent of the other. The notion of â€Å"Separation of Power† is well spelt out in the American Constitution with well-defined boundaries and or rather limitations and extent of actions of each body. The executive, the legislature and the congress are all very significant and play vital roles to sustain the long lasting governing system. The stability of the United States is based on this three governing bodies. It is easy for a country to fall when it has a one-body system of governance or two in aShow MoreRelatedDemocracy And The Right Of Voting901 Words   |  4 Pagesfamiliar with it. Democracy is a topic of debate now-a-days and most of the research about it has already been conducted through surveys and choices of people. Democracy is a system that assures the people’s part in taking decisions of state and political affairs through the right of voting. The generic definition and concepts of democracy are easy accessible on many websites online. Democracy is a on which almost 70% of the research is already done and further research is mostly taken in order toRead MoreCompetitive Authoritarianism And Political Authoritarianism869 Words   |  4 Pagesnot quite a democracy, but it has democratic institutions in place and incumbents cannot reduce them. 2. perils of presidentialism and democratic failure Juan Linz Presidentialism can increase democratic failure by promoting zero-sum politics, it has potential to become a divided government or dictatorship, potential to can permanently exclude minorities from the executive because of no representation. His thesis also says Presidentialism prevents democratic consolidation because the PresidentRead MoreThe Benefits and Problems of Democracy1750 Words   |  7 Pagesmay be a variety of flaws in a democratic government, it is still a far more suitable choice of governing as opposed to alternate forms of government. Widely accepted as the most popular and working form of government, democracy is, in a nutshell, a political system in which the power is given to the popular vote of the people. In fact, the very origins of the term democracy hail from the Greek term for ‘ruled by the people’. The basic form of our modern democratic system originated in Greece asRead MoreThe First Wave Of Democratization1177 Words   |  5 Pagesthose wh o steered towards democratic practices and views. Samuel defines democracy and democratization using several different concepts. He divides democracy’s definition into three parts â€Å"1) sources of authority for government, 2) purposes served by government, and 3) procedures for constituting government†. He then provides several examples of how democracy worked in different countries in terms of democratic or undemocratic status (variances amongst democratic political systems) and how it finallyRead MoreJapan s Change Of Modernity And Democracy992 Words   |  4 PagesThere are many things that contributed to Japan’s change to modernity and democracy whether it was between the political parties or if it was between their cultural system and the people s rights. Before Japan changed to a more modern and democratic society it was a feudal government structure based on Confucius views which was during the Tokugawa period. During the Tokugawa period there was a s eparation between the social classes which was categorized in four groups the samurai, peasants, artisansRead MoreThe Current Chinese Government Fits Into The Category Of Authoritarian Regimes856 Words   |  4 Pages The current Chinese government fits into the category of Authoritarian Regimes because Chinese government just use the coercion to limit political pluralism in order to maintain their power, but allows some social pluralism and does not use ideology or coercive mobilization to shape citizen’s interests, or support for the regime. However, China had been in a category of totalitarian regimes once after the World War 2 ended. After the world war 2, under the Mao’s control, China’s sovereignty imposedRead MoreDemocracy has in the 20th and 21st century grown in popularity, which has been credited due to the600 Words   |  3 Pageswill be spoken about, especially what affect the ‘waves of democracy’ has had on new democratic systems. Mo reover the affect that institutional design plays in maintaining a stable political system, in terms of representation and participation, and what this has had on states which have become democratic. This will be followed by a perspective from Juan Linz, a noted political and social scientist, and his view on presidentialism. Furthermore this essay will look at the advantages of a presidentialismRead More Democracy: An Analysis Essay1358 Words   |  6 Pageshis statement, this paper will examine the problems of democratic governments using specific examples, and compare it to the failure of fascist governments in Nazi Germany and Italy and communist governments in the Soviet Union and China. Theoretically, democracy is a stable form of government where power is in the hands of the people. In a democracy, people have the liberty to elect officials that best represent their interests, and political institutions exist as a result: Benjamin Constant arguesRead MoreCitizen Participation : An Individual Choice956 Words   |  4 PagesIn a democratic government, citizen participation is essential and beneficial in order to ensure everyone’s opinions will be heard and represented. With a wide range of morals, socioeconomic statuses, personalities, and knowledge existing among the American population, citizens’ participation in the democratic system range from dedicated, involved, and uninvolved. The upbringing and life situation of individuals directly affects their governmental decisions including their stances on issues the countryRead MoreThe Importance of External Influences in Building a Democracy1315 Words   |  6 Pagescircumstances that have been important in the past for building a democracy for current democratic regimes. Pinkney studies seven comparatives and their theories for the cause and effect of democracy and identifies their pros and cons. The most important of these conditions stands in the external influences and foreign participation in building the state as a democracy of a non-democratic country. In his â€Å"Conditions Conducive to Democracy† chart Pinkney introduces the condition

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Mental Health Facility And The Emergency Room - 1512 Words

From the first hospital founded in 1751, by Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin and the first mental health facility started by the Quakers in 1752, there have been many changes in both settings. (UPENN NIH) Two of those changes include documentation standards and reimbursement. Hospitals have gone from being known as a place most went to die to a place where people can be cured and put back together. When many think of the hospital the first thing to come to their mind is a place someone stays to get better. However, there is more to a hospital then just the inpatient floor. The hospital also includes, hospital based ambulatory care centers, and long term acute care centers. In the hospital based ambulatory care centers patients can undergo simple outpatient surgeries, to visit to the emergency room. Physicians can work in outpatient medical practices and care for their patient’s that do not need around the clock care that would be provided under an inpatient stay. Patients are able to see their specialist that may have provided services while on the impatient wards. Mental health facilities have evolved over the last several hundred years. In 1965 the Mental Health Act was put in place. (A. Penden) It funded community mental health centers throughout the United States. (A. Penden) These outpatient mental health facilities are great places for those who suffer with certain mental illnesses that do not have to be placed in inpatient facilities to beShow MoreRelatedAlternatives For Overcrowding Emergency Departments1745 Words   |  7 PagesALTERNATIVES FOR OVERCROWDING EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS Meeting the Challenge and Filling the Gaps in America’s Healthcare System Executive Summary: Many visits to the Emergency Department are made for non-emergent needs. This causes congestion in the healthcare system and makes it harder for those who truly need emergent medical attention receive the care they need. Aging populations, under or non-insured patients, Medicaid expansions, and Psychiatric/Behavioral Health problems directly impact overcrowdingRead MoreMental Health Care Disparities Among Minority Populations1434 Words   |  6 PagesMental Health Care Disparities in Minority Populations Erin Bertelson Denver School of Nursing Mental Health Care Disparities in Minority Populations Across the country, a steady increase has been noted in the number of patients presenting to emergency departments for psychiatric complaints (Zun, 2014). Patients also attempt to use their primary care doctors to treat their mental illnesses. The mental health care options for these patients are extremely limited, especially for minorityRead MoreMental Illness Should Not Be Treated1598 Words   |  7 PagesAbstract People with mental illness seen by their primary care physician, will probably not be treated for their mental illness, but just for a medical condition. When a person with mental illness is admitted to a hospital for treatment; they need treatment for their mental illness during their stay. Treatment for mental illness should not just stop because you’re in an acute hospital setting. Many people that suffer from mental illness not only need mental health treatment but also need to treatRead MoreKey Aspects Of The Canadian Health Care System1221 Words   |  5 Pages Sawa Tayeb Health management: Overcrowded Hospitals Student number: 212439774 Instructor: Professor Kenneth Lam Course: HH/HLST 1010 3.0, Section M Date: February 8, 2016 Key aspects of the Canadian health care system Canada is known for its universal health care system. Health care services across Canada are financed by the government and follows the guidelines of the Canada Health Act (1984) Which states: â€Å" to protect, promote, and restore the physical and mental well being of residentsRead MoreEmergency Room Overcrowding And Emergency Rooms1172 Words   |  5 Pagesthe emergency room to gain access to, primary care, nutritional, pharmaceutical and basic needs with non-medical issues is a contributing factor to emergency room overcrowding. The non-medical can primary care component needs to be moved out of the acute care setting of the emergency room but still readily accessible to the homeless clients. Living without adequate housing can increase a person’s morbidity and mortality which will increase the needs of a patient’s visit to the emergency roomRead MoreHospitals And Mental Health Facilities809 Words   |  4 PagesEvery facility has similarities and differences among facilities whether hospitals or mental health facilities. The amount of patients, employees, doctors, treatment, and services are makes the mental health services important in every way. The goals for both of these facilities are to provide outstanding services and patient care to people of mental and behavioral issues. The private mental health service facility from Montgomery County, PA is Central Montgomery Mental Health Mental RetardationRead MoreThe Oregon Health Insurance Experiment1654 Words   |  7 PagesThe Oregon Health Insurance Experiment is a groundbreaking study on the expansion of healthcare for low-income adults, which includes a look at health care outcomes, use, well-bein g, and financial burden. The study uses an innovated unsystematic strategy in which to gauge the overall impact of Medicaid in America; while random well-ordered studies are preferred within scientific observations, it is nearly impossible in social research. The state of Oregon, in 2008, decided to use a lottery in whichRead MoreCase Study : The La Fontaine Dealership1169 Words   |  5 PagesPerhaps the business is considered medium-sized because there are over 100 employees. Although technically speaking the federal government recognizes a large business over 100 employees. Regardless, the company can afford to offer two different forms of health insurance. The current perspective client for the medium-size business is the La Fontaine dealership, which offers a variety of vehicles from Ford to Toyota. LaFontaine dealership currently employs 250 people. The first perspective plan that the companyRead MoreFacility Planning Part Ii Essay1177 Words   |  5 PagesFacility Planning Part II HCS 446 Facility Planning Part II Introduction Development and growing a facility takes much time and contemplation with respect to regulatory requirements, budgets, planning and development of the building and the interior design of the building.    Making certain code requirements are met which is usually to help the architect and contractor. Many matters must be well-thought-out during the preliminary design created by the stakeholders in the blueprint.    Color collectionsRead MoreMental Health Of The United States848 Words   |  4 Pagesdiagnosed with a mental illness and it is predicted that 50% of the adult population will develop a mental illness within their lifetime; 8-9% of the adult population in Florida is diagnosed with depression (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2011). Promotion, awareness, and the availability of mental health services are public health areas in my community that needs attention. The needs of my community are not entirely met, and there are inconsistencies when addressing mental health illness through

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Main Ratings Bureaux for Standard and Poors -

Question: Discuss about theMain Ratings Bureauxfor Standard and Poors. Answer: The paper examines the main ratings bureaux including Moodys, Standard and Poors, Fitch and A.M. Best for insurance alongside additional quite small rating agencies. The Big Three credit ratings agencies include Standard Poors (SP), Fitch Group and Moodys. The Moodys and SP are United States based whereas the Fitch has two headquarters in London and New York City. It is under the control of Dearst. These agencies held a shared global market share of about ninety-five percent with SP and Moodys having approximately forty percent individually while Fitch has about fifteen percent. The three agencies have special status arising from cementation by law initially solely in the US. However, this cementation by law was later adopted in Europe. From the middle of the 1990s till early 2003, they were solely Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations (NRSROs) in the US. Such a designation meant the three agencies were utilized by the United States government in various regulatory areas. Additional four NRSROs and Fitch in the year 1990s (Duan Van Laere, 2012). These agencies have remained under extensive scrutiny following the 2007-2009 global financial crisis arising from their preferable pre-crisis ratings of the bankrupt financial institution including Lehman Brothers, alongside risk mortgage-linked securities which accounted for the collapse of the United States housing market. They became key enablers of the meltdown of the financial in the wake of the financial crisis (Elkhoury, 2009). The mortgage-associated securities at the core of the crisis were unable to be marketed and subsequently sold in the absence of approval of their seal. The investors had rely on these agents. Besides the Big Three agencies, there are A.M. Best and Weiss Ratings. Each rating agency has it individual rating standards, scale and vary in the firms they rate but with the substantial overlap. All of the mentioned rating agencies utilize the public info, like SEC filings, besides the main accounting reports, encompassing the cash flow, balance sheet as well as income statement. The balance is useful in rating as it indicates how much assets surpass liabilities. All of these ratings agencies with an exception of Weiss acquire extra information from the executive management alongside owners via interviews as well as questionnaires. The A.M. Best focuses mainly in credit ratings for the insurance firms and it has the widest coverage of the insurance firms, whereas the other remaining rating agencies further cover several kinds of firms as well as debt securities (Flynn Ghent, 2017). The other feature that distinguish Weiss from the remaining rating agencies is that they undertake paid ratings by the end-users, while the remaining rating agencies receive their respective payment from the firms that they rate. This establishes the potential conflict of interests since the companies shall generally pursue those rating agencies which shall provide them with the best ratings. Subsequently, the rating agencies might be increasingly inclined to provide higher ratings than would be acceptable by the financial status of the firms. Such a conflict of interest remains what partially triggered the credit crisis of the 2007-2009 since certain rating agencies like Moodys alongside Standard and Poors, were providing investment-grade ratings to financial securities anchored on the debt like mortgage-backed securities as well as collateralized debt obligations, thus, remained anchored on subprime mortgages (Rona-Tas, 2017). Apart from such conflict, nevertheless, information from management via interviews as well as questionnaires can generate substantially greater insight into the financial viability of the firms as well as its future. The accuracy of diverse IFS ratings from diverse CRAs can as well as be measured via the analysis of the statistics of the default alongside impairment rates for individual rating classification or category: The A.M. Best created in the year 1900, rates the most of insurers. It further has a not rated designation for such companies which are not covered. The IFS ratings from the diverse firms might vary in their designation of the quality of the credit. For example, an A-from A.M. Best remains the most comparable to the BBB from the Fitch, the Moodys as well as the Standard Poors. The Weiss ratings mostly rely on the public financial statement; firm executives are never interviewed nor are not publicly available documents utilized, unless they remain willingly provided by the firm (White, 2010).). Every rating scale utilizes uppercase letters for the main categories of the financial stability. Here A is the best or the foremost financially stable. Minor distinctions within individual major category is designated with the lower case letters, or the plusses as well as minuses. It is also noted that rating designations might designate diverse levels of the financial stability among diverse agencies. For example, A+ designates the penultimate top rating from the AM Best from its fifteen categories, while that same designation remains the fifth highest ratings out of the twenty categories for the Fitch as well as the nineteen categories for the SP (Eijffinger, 2012). The primary information for the ratings arise from quarterly as well as annual financial statements that insurers have to file with their state regulator, complemented with the publicly reachable documents like SEC filings, business plans as well as the AM Best questionnaires. The info is further collected from the interviews with the executive of the insurance firms. The financial strength ratings range from A++, superior, to F, in liquidation (De Haan Amtenbrink, 2011). Not all the insurance firms shall provide rating info to the rating firms, whereby, A.M. Best and SP will depend on the public info, but the shall designate the rating which is anchored on the public info solely. The A.M. Best suffixes (pd) to the rating, that it will call Public Data Rating, whereas SP shall suffix pi to its rated designation, that it will tag A Qualified Solvency Rating. In conclusion, the paper has focused on the rating agencies including their rating scales and standard to enhance the understanding of these agencies (Bolton, Freixas Shapiro, 2012). References Bolton, P., Freixas, X., Shapiro, J. (2012). The credit ratings game. The Journal of Finance, 67(1), 85-111. De Haan, J., Amtenbrink, F. (2011). Credit rating agencies. Duan, J. C., Van Laere, E. (2012). A public good approach to credit ratingsFrom concept to reality. Journal of Banking Finance, 36(12), 3239-3247. Eijffinger, S. C. (2012). Rating agencies: role and influence of their sovereign credit risk assessment in the Eurozone. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies, 50(6), 912-921. Elkhoury, M. (2009). Credit rating agencies and their potential impact on developing countries. UNCTD Compendium on Debt Sustainability, 165-180. Flynn, S., Ghent, A. (2017). Competition and credit ratings after the fall. Management Science. Rona-Tas, A. (2017). The Off-Label Use of Consumer Credit Ratings. Historical Social Research, 42(1), 52-76. White, L. J. (2010). Markets: The credit rating agencies. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 24(2), 211-226.